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Hoover Dam after 75 years

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    On the day of Hoover Dam's dedication, 75 years ago this week, President Franklin D. Roosevelt heralded it as a "great feat of mankind" destined to reshape "the geography of a whole region." Nowhere was that transformation more dramatic than in Southern Nevada. Consider this: On Sept. 30, 1935, some 10,000 people gathered on top of the dam to hear Roosevelt speak. The Las Vegas of that day was home to fewer than 9,000 people. Now Las Vegas anchors a metropolitan area of nearly 2 million residents and fuels the economic engine for the entire state. It has grown into one of the world's top destinations -- a city that welcomes more than 36 million visitors, even in a down year.


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  1. Justin Yurkanin is a multimedia journalist based in Las Vegas, Nevada.